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Garden pagodas

Garden pagodas are one of the inseparable elements of Japanese gardens decor. However, they do not originate from Japan. Garden pagodas came from ancient India (the foundation of the Buddhist religion), then known as stupas. They were used to store holy relics and remains of rulers. Over time, they were lengthened until they took the shape of a tower. Today, few know their real name, and they are more known as lamps or lanterns in Poland, for example.

Where can we find garden pagodas?

In a historical context, along with the spread of the Buddhist religion, which absorbed the Asian continent more and more, garden pagodas were positively received by local residents. As a result, they appeared in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand where they took the shape of a pyramid or cone. In China and Japan, they took the shape of a multi-story tower, which became the most popular design. If we speak in the present context, you will find them in our store. Carefully prepared with all sizes and shapes. Made of the same durable material – white Danish cement. There is, of course, a possibility of an individual project. If you are interested, contact our consultants.

Why such a high interest in pagodas?

Pagodas began to appear in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. It was because of the very high interest in Far Eastern culture at that time. As a result, they became one of the most-used elements of garden and house architecture, which were inspired by the principles of feng shui. The high popularity of Asian culture in Europe does not decrease at all, it even increases. Miniature temples are constantly used in today’s gardens and houses. In particular, at entrepreneurs’ as a symbol of diligence and balance, and at sick people’s places where they are believed to absorb negative chi.

Garden pagodas and Polish gardens.

Pagodas are increasingly used in Poland due to a very high interest in Japanese gardens. Therefore, all landscape architects who have commissioned projects in a similar style, willingly use them. However, they are more inclined towards miniature versions of pagodas for the sake of space-saving. They use miniature temples as stone lamps, lanterns, turrets or even as concrete pots. Each of these variants can be found in our store.

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