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Flower pots and planters

doniczki i donice betonowe do ogrodu

Concrete flower pots and planters of different sizes offered in our store are products designed both for your gardens and your house. We all know that the beauty of your garden is not achieved only by neat and well-groomed plants like beautiful flowers, bushes or trees. All kinds of ornaments, accessories and in most cases just beautiful flowerpots are also very important. All the mentioned elements complement and create a harmonious whole.

Concrete flower pots and planters straight from the manufacturer

A lot of people wonder where to buy concrete pots that will give a special appearance to their garden but also withstand changing weather conditions. You will find the answer here. Hortus produces one of the most original, beautiful and most durable concrete pots and planters. The main feature that a small architecture like flowerpots should have is resistance to all weather conditions. Our product range has such a feature. All thanks to the material of which our products are made. It is white Danish cement, which is considered one of the most durable and resistant to various external conditions materials. It is frost, sun or rain resistant. What’s more, like our other products, such as birdbaths, concrete pots and planters are available in three different colours: white, sand and antique coffee.

Concrete garden pots of various shapes and designs.

It doesn’t matter in what style you want to arrange your garden or in what style it was designed. Our concrete pots will suit any decor. We are familiar with various garden decors, from Japanese to antique, and ending with Scandinavian ones. We strive to make everyone interested in our services, regardless of the style of their garden. If you are not convinced by the range we have at the moment, it is worth calling our consultants. Certainly, they will prepare an interesting individual offer with a lot of variants.

Concrete flower pots – what to plant in them?

A wide range of concrete pots and planters in our store, with various shapes and designs, can make you dizzy. Many experienced gardeners are positive about concrete pots as garden ornaments where we can plant everything. So it doesn’t matter much if it will be herbs, flowers, shrubs or even vegetables. Our pots are great for any kind of plants. Everything that has never grown so far will eventually flourish!

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