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Concrete garden statues

Our garden is the informal heart of the house. It is an ideal place for rest, both active and passive. It provides everyone with a much-needed moment of respite outside. It is widely known that green colour has a relaxing effect, and at the same time adds energy to action. It is worth taking care of the garden in the same way as you take care of the interior of your house. At the same time, our space can be arranged in accordance with your tastes and preferences. A very good solution is to introduce an additional aesthetic theme that will find a place next to relaxing greenery. Concrete garden statues can reflect our interests and even personalities. It is worth finding a space designed exclusively for the care of the soul and eyes, which is certainly provided by garden sculptures.
Selection of a suitable ornament is an individual matter, the choice of which should be carefully thought out. Depending on your preferences, your garden can be additionally equipped with large garden sculpture, a bust, an image of people or animals, and even a tasteful and decorated fountain.

Concrete garden statues directly from the manufacturer

In our assortment, there is a huge number of exceptional and unique garden statues. Our statues are made of the highest quality materials resistant to all weather conditions, harmful UV rays and precipitation. Bad weather conditions are not destructive to them and they look like new for a long time. We present outdoor statues for your garden that can be adjusted to your green corner because of the material of which they were made.
Garden ornaments made of stone or concrete are a perfect choice in most gardens. For lovers of classic style, we recommend stylised on antique and even intentionally dated ornaments.

Our offer includes various models and types of concrete statues for the garden. We offer simple sculptures and tasteful garden ornaments, images of people and animals. For a group of lovers of antiquity and mythology, we have prepared columns and bas-reliefs referring to this culture. Ornaments enjoy unflagging popularity. They perfectly adapt to any environment, and at the same time, they look extremely elegant. For those interested in placing a cabaret element in their garden, we have very interesting garden sculptures that perfectly match people with a great sense of humour .

How to choose the right statue for your garden?

While selecting concrete statues you can refer to your belief in superstitions and find available space in the garden for recognized symbols. Buddha statues enjoy considerable interest. According to the superstition, rubbing Buddha’s protruding belly helps to succeed in life and gain satisfaction. Then, our garden statues bring about happiness, prosperity and self-confidence.
Concrete garden statues that depict animals can also refer to symbolism. At the entrance to gardens or houses, we can often meet figures of lions or eagles. They represent a symbolic view of protection over the residents, and at the same time they mean nobility and conduct.

In addition, concrete statues perfectly complement the infrastructure of the garden. Garden ornaments can be an ideal and tasteful completion of terraces, balconies or stairs. Each of them gives the place a unique character desired by the owner, which is often admired by bystanders.
Tasteful ornaments can please the eye, and at the same time, it is an investment in timeless beauty. The use of garden statues makes the place unique and magical as in many literary works. Taking into account that for today architects a well-decorated garden must not lack additional ornaments, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. By browsing our concrete garden statues, you will certainly find an idea for a successful garden arrangement. Every moment is good for a change. Investments in the garden encourage spending free time outdoors, which will certainly pay off in better mood and health.

Garden statuettes, i.e. small landscape architecture

They decorate the garden, make it tidy and pleasant to rest and spend free time. Thanks to the wide range of products available on the market, you can choose the necessary arrangement elements both to create a large themed project and to decorate a small space. It all depends on your taste and creativity. In addition, garden statuettes will organically fit into any surface. They will become an amazing gift for people who love nature, while the category of garden sculptures from our store will be a perfect choice for lovers of much more solid specimens.
Such decorative elements are usually made of plaster or ceramic but we want to provide our customers with the highest quality of products. Therefore, our statuettes are made of concrete and can decorate a garden arranged in any style. It is also the oldest way to decorate a property. Even the ancient Greeks used sculpture to transform their gardens into works of art. Modern aesthetic garden statues made of concrete can also create an atmosphere of magic and fairy tales for children. Currently, manufacturers offer a large selection of statues of various shapes and colours. They are usually animals: toads, hares, turtles and birds or classic garden gnomes. Outdoor concrete statues can cheer up guests and homeowners. They will become a garden attraction or will help hide problems with the landscape, e.g. empty areas where nothing grows.

Where can I put concrete garden statues?

It’s not enough to create a beautiful landscape design to make a suburban area look beautiful and original. Garden crafts in the form of various creatures help to give original accents in garden compositions. The precise place of concrete statues can be determined according to Feng Shui. It is believed that the location of an animal statue, which is associated with certain areas of life in the relevant sector of Feng Shui, will help strengthen the energy potential of career, health, creativity, social status, financial success, education and personal life. To do this, you need to check the rules of Feng Shui and place the statue following the appropriate recommendations.
You can meet the requirements of the landscape designer and place the statue next to the ground lighting, as a part of a composition of a small Alpine hill or another place that underlines the aesthetics of your place.
A garden gnome or a cheerful animal can cover up any aesthetic problem in the garden. An old trunk, pipes, rocky or darkened area, enriched with such decorative components will gain charm and will become an interesting place. For example, you can let a turtle peek from thick bushes under the window. And a gnome will beautifully welcome guests at the entrance to the garden. Discreet statues of birds and animals should be introduced to the concept of flower beds. Garden statues combined with plants can decorate a resting place by the pond.

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