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Animal garden statuettes

The owners of small and bigger gardens want this space to be beautiful and tidy. To add some originality, you can apply various decorative garden statuettes to them. As a result, they will be a great decoration of a year-round house or a house on a recreational plot. All such decorative elements are made of high-quality materials. They are completely safe for people and animals. Concrete animal garden statuettes endure changing weather conditions (for example rain or snow). Consequently, their colours do not lose saturation for a long time.

Animal garden statues straight from the manufacturer

Regardless of the time of year, we want our garden to always look beautiful. Whether we have a large or only minimal space, it doesn’t matter. It should be a place where we can relax and spend time with our loved ones. Where we catch a little fresh air and enjoy the rays of the sun. To make our garden please the eye, we often enrich it with various species of plants. Flowers, shrubs and trees are a step to reach a small paradise in the comfort of your garden. Besides, we also choose durable and comfortable furniture. We can also decide on animal statues. These elements will enliven our space, intrigue our guests and cause a smile of admiration.

Animal garden statuettes are a neater alternative to colourful gnomes and dwarfs.

Decorative garden animal statues, especially those made of concrete will be a great alternative to colourful gnomes that have become obsolete. Garden sculptures will complement the floral composition of the garden. What’s more, they emphasize our taste and the nature of our garden. A wide base of species will allow you to create a small zoo or only subtly enliven your green space. We can have a dog, rabbits or even a crocodile, unprecedented in Polish latitude. The above-mentioned dogs or lions are an inseparable element of English gardens. However, if there is a pond in our garden, a good solution would be to place a flamingo, heron or stork nearby. The appearance we want to achieve depends on our vision and idea.
An undoubted plus is the design look of the statues. Concrete animal statues look alive. They will attract our guests’ eyes and are very durable at the same time. They are frost, rain or intense sunlight resistant. This is an important feature because of changing climatic conditions. Thanks to these properties, our garden animals will not crack. Their texture will be unchanged for years, as will the colour, which will remain the same. Statues made of white Danish cement will live in our garden for a long time.

Also, ornaments like that will be suitable for more official spaces such as parks or other places attracting crowds of people.

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