A garden is not only flowers, bushes and trees. Everyone who loves greenery will be delighted by the view of birds visiting colourful flower beds. It is worth taking care of these small friendly creatures. They not only please the eyes but are also extremely useful. The easiest way to lure them is to place suitable birdbaths. This is especially important in the summer. The persistent heat and drought do not favour small garden residents. Birds exposed to overheating and dehydration will be happy to use the water left for them.

Birdbaths – why should you have them in the garden?

The most important function of birdbaths is to provide water to our flying guests. It is necessary during hot days when access to natural sources is limited. More and more buildings mean that there are fewer and fewer animal-friendly places. It is often a great effort for them to find a water reservoir that would allow them to quench their thirst and cool their bodies. In addition, food consisting mainly of dry grains requires a large amount of water. Thanks to this, a bird’s digestive system functions properly. The second function of a birdbath is to provide an aesthetic experience to the owner. Bird lovers will enjoy watching these little creatures.
It turns out that in this way we will gain allies in our garden. They will reduce the number of pests, their eggs and larvae.

What type of birdbath should you choose?

We can prepare a birdbath by ourselves. All you need is a flat vessel with a suitably rough bottom to prevent birds from slipping. It is worth filling them with stones in different sizes. They will act as small islands, where our flying guests will sit down. If you want to make your task easier and, above all, guarantee the presence of birds for garden users, it is worth using ready-made products. Available birdbaths have various forms. The materials used allow you to choose a suitable model. Cast iron birdbaths are very popular. Made of solid raw material, despite exposure to adverse weather conditions, they can be used in the garden for years. On a foot, with a bird statue, in the shape of a heart or an ordinary circle. The choice is huge. Modern concrete birdbaths are characterized by good resistance to rain, sun or frost.

Material and Colour

Natural colour and material encourage our small flying friends. An alternative is a birdbath made of concrete, whose neutral colours will not deter but rather attract birds to the garden. For residents of blocks of flats, producers have prepared hanging birdbaths that can be mounted on a balustrade and in this way they can enjoy the view of cheerfully chirping birds. The choice is up to the buyer, their preferences and taste. It is worth using ready-made products because of their low price and a large number of offered models allow you to choose the one that will perfectly meet your expectations. You should buy products that look natural and harmonize with the surroundings. As a result, they will not only become an oasis for birds but also an excellent decoration for any animal-friendly place.

Where is the best place to put birdbaths?

Choosing a suitable place for a birdbath is not without significance. A secluded and quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle, will make birds happy to use a precious water source. The best way is to set them in the shade, so that water does not evaporate too quickly. Also, we will not have to refill it often. It is worth remembering that predators can threaten the safety of small creatures. A cluster of birds is a paradise for cats walking around the house. Let’s make sure that the birdbaths stand in a secluded place. Also, away from dense bushes or thickets, in which an enemy lurking for their life could hide. Remember to change and refill water frequently, preferably every day. In return, you will gain an invaluable opportunity to observe birds.

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