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Garden ornaments

Hortus offers very high quality garden ornaments that are not only suitable as garden space decoration, but also for the allotment, terrace and balcony.

Garden ornaments

Hortus offers very high quality garden ornaments that are not only suitable as garden space decoration, but also for the allotment, terrace and balcony. All the proposed products are made with attention to every detail to satisfy every customer.

Among our proposals you can find:

All-weather concrete garden ornaments

Garden decorations from our offer are made of high quality white Danish cement. It is characterized by very high resistance to all kinds of harmful weather conditions. We are talking about frost, sunlight, rainfall and strong winds. Importantly, some concrete ornaments have additional reinforcement to increase their strength.

In our store, you will find a wide range of white concrete products that can stay outdoors all the time without shivering about their appearance after one season. That’s why our concrete garden decorations are an investment for many years.

Betonowe meble ogrodowe.

Concrete garden ornaments in any design

We are aware of the different needs of our customers. That is why our offer includes products in both classic and modern designs. This allows you to arrange your garden or terrace so that it looks like the most beautiful interior of your home.

All concrete decorations for the garden have a unique style and wonderfully decorate the space. They give gardens an individual touch and, above all, beauty. They make even plants take on a different expression.

Elegant garden sculptures are ideal for a garden in classical style, referring to the atmosphere of antiquity, but also Renaissance and Baroque. However, the concrete ornament can also harmonize wonderfully with a garden decorated in modern or oriental style.

Pond immediately looks better when next to it stands ornament of white concrete. Also flowerbeds should be diversified with some small decoration that will highlight the beauty of flowers.

Not only classic…

Of course, we do not forget about the supporters of minimalism and austere aesthetics. That is why among our ornaments there are also those, which are distinguished by their economical form and lack of unnecessary ornaments. Thanks to this they fit perfectly into modern garden compositions.

Thanks to the use of our original decorations of concrete, even an expressionless garden will become more dynamic and even lively, for example with a stream of gently flowing water.

Our ornaments will therefore give each garden a unique harmony and beautifully blend into the green space. We pay great attention to attention to the smallest details of the work. Thanks to this are beautiful, aesthetic, but also functional. What’s more, we offer a really wide range of themes of our garden ornaments, and this allows for various combinations of arrangements.

Something for oriental climates lovers

We are aware that among our customers are also people fascinated by the culture of the Orient, who arrange the garden in Japanese or Chinese style. The ornament made on the basis of white cement can stand in the oriental garden.

So we propose the original pagodas, which are by far the most distinctive garden ornament in Japanese decor. These concrete miniatures of Buddhist temples perfectly emphasize the function of the Japanese garden. We are talking, of course, about the place of tranquility, peace and unique harmony.

What is important, despite the strong emphasis on Asian culture, this type of decoration fits perfectly into any garden.

Betonowe meble ogrodowe.

Ornaments made of concrete are a hit!

Our concrete ornaments have already appeared in many gardens because they are resistant to weather conditions, durable and tasteful. They can significantly affect the surrounding space, perfectly harmonizing with the natural beauty of plants. Certainly they can be an integral part of the home garden, and will fit into various compositions of flowers and shrubs.

Garden ornaments from our collection will fit perfectly in your green retreat. It is one of the best ways to develop free space in the garden, and also fun for children. Unusual shapes, extremely durable structure and beauty determine the very high interest of customers.

Concrete garden ornaments from the manufacturer

On our website and in the catalog we present a wide range of decorative elements for the garden. We can also make a specific ornament to order. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals.

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