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Garden ornaments

Hortus offers high-quality garden ornaments . First of all, they are made of high quality white Danish cement. It is characterized by very high resistance to all kinds of harmful atmospheric conditions, such as frost, rain or sun. Also, we have a fairly wide palette of colours for concrete statues. As a result, we give our customers a choice of three available colours.

Our statues will give your garden additional harmony and will perfectly blend in with green spaces. We do our best to make our work beautiful and aesthetic. What’s more, a wide thematic scope of our garden ornaments allows for various combinations. If you are interested, go ahead and check our business card where you will find both contact details and the route. In our store, we distinguish several categories of our products that deserve your special attention. They are:

Concrete flower pots and planters

Small or big ones – we make flower pots of various sizes for our customers. They can significantly affect the space around us, perfectly harmonizing with the beauty of plants. They will become an integral part of your home garden. Certainly, various flower and shrub compositions will suit them.

Garden fountains

As garden ornaments in your green comfort they will fit perfectly. Our fountains have already appeared in many gardens, and their number is constantly increasing. This is one of the best ways to use the free space in the garden, as well as great fun for our children. Unusual shapes, extremely durable structure and their beauty determine the very high interest of customers.

Garden pagodas

A pagoda is by far the most characteristic garden ornament in Japanese decor. These usually stony miniatures of Buddhist temples perfectly emphasize the role that Japanese gardens play. We are talking here about a place of calmness, peace and exceptional harmony. Despite the strong connotations with Asian culture, pagodas fit perfectly into any garden.