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Garden fountains

Garden fountains are an amazing attraction for all guests in our garden. Above all, it is a stunningly attractive and eye-catching garden ornament, which is not just an ornament. Each of us likes a calming noise of a stream. And a fountain gives us such an effect. It influences us in a calming and relaxing way.
This type of small architectural elements has been known to us for millennia. And today it continues to be present in our gardens.

Garden fountains and their types

Richly carved and architecturally refined fountains often decorated mansions, castles and gardens of the most eminent personalities. However, today almost everyone can afford them. There are two main types of fountains:

European garden fountains

In this type of fountain, water gushes over the entire structure. Then it falls into it again giving the effect of a turbulent water surface. A professional term for it is a closed-circuit fountain. Currently, it is one of the most popular types of fountains in Europe, which was already initiated in the modern era.

Arabian fountains

These types of fountains do not soar through the air. When it comes out of the fountain’s holes, it drips down its elements. Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula and Turkey once built such fountains. Currently, they are unpopular, although they can be equally effective.

The manufacturer of concrete fountains – Hortus

As we mentioned earlier, our garden fountains are made of really solid and tested material – concrete. Not ordinary concrete, however, because it is created from extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions such as frost, rain or sun. It is white Danish cement. This allows us to keep the beautiful appearance of our garden architecture for many years. No matter where you are.
It is worth mentioning that the colour of cement does not determine the colour of the fountain. We can provide our customers with a fairly wide range of colours for concrete figures. We talk here about coffee, white and sand colour. It is worth mentioning that a pagoda will perfectly match the composition with a fountain. This product can also be found in our assortment.

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